Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wondercon, SDCC/Comikaze progress

I finally have stuff worthy enough to post! I started working on my niece's Sailor Chibi Moon cosplay that she'll be wearing with me as I cosplay as Sailor Pluto for our Sailor Moon group at Wondercon this year. She's excited to finally cosplay as Chibi Moon since I made her wig years ago for her birthday x'D I'm still fixing the skirt to the way she likes it so hopefully tomorrow I can post another progress photo.
I also have 2 cosplay gatherings that will be attending this month (one being next Sunday) and they're both Valentine theme so I decided to make this cosplay it's the Heartseller from the webcomic called "Hearts for Sale" or aka The Hearthsmith. I have the skirt part done with the fabric that I had at home but I ran out so I need to go buy some more along with white fabric to finish the apron as well. For the skirt I used Butterick B5882 and for the apron I just drafted my own pattern. Once I get more fabric I'll update on how I'm making this cosplay.
 And for Comikaze (and hopefully San Diego Comic Con) I'm going to be cosplaying as Emma Swan in her red ballgown from Once Upon A Time with my friend who will be cosplaying as Snow White in her purple ballgown :) today I styled my blonde wig (it's the base wig of the Jeannie wig from Arda Wigs in Platinum Blonde). I'm gonna need to buy some blonde bobby pins to hold the wig to my head better. I'm waiting for Joanns to have a sale on their Casa Satin so then I can buy 8 yards or so in Tango Red so then I can get started on the dress!
That ends my progress so far so I'll be posting more later~ <3

Friday, January 16, 2015

Long Time No See!

Hello everyone! It's been so long (like years!) since I last wrote here! But I'm hoping to change that by making posts and adding pictures of my progress and hope that it will help anyone with anything they need help with. I just recently attended ALA (Anime Los Angeles) and here are some pictures of me as Gou (Kou) Matsuoka, Queen Mikasa Ackerman, Dark Zelda and finally as Kuro Usagi (minus a few stuff like my bunny ears T^T )

I also got the chance to meet Osric Chau!!!
Aaaaand I got to meet both Matthew Mercer and David Vincent! <3