Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gosh I swear! If they keep making more cute outfits for Kou I'm gonna end up being super broke! xD So many lovely outfits I wanna make to wear! :'3

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now that I have fabric in my hands I feel Free! Haha if my sisters had heard me say that they would have called me an idiot! xD But anywho, I finally have fabric to make my brown skirt! But my oldest sister also bought fabric so I can make her two dresses, a shirt, and a costume for both my niece and nephew for Halloween! O___O I was super close into getting fabric to work on Kou's outfit from ep. 4 and also to start workin on Beth from Bravest Warriors but not today.
Gonna get to sewing now~! :D

1st Post! WOW!

So I thought I'd trying having a cosplay blog up so then I can write down a lot more stuff with whatever cosplay I'm working on and hopefully maybe someday it'll help someone! (A girl can dream can't she?) :'D Any-who let's hope this goes well! :D