Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cosplay Update

So I ordered my Mikasa wig and it came in! I had a lot of fun playing with it and taking pictures at night xD

I'm so excited! I even was able to get the fabric to make my scouting legion jacket! Though I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna make the pattern first for the jacket O_O I was so scared when I looked at it online because it looks different then it does in person (so glad I went and got it in person haha!) Here's what type of fabric I bought:

 and here it is in person and in different lighting and a bonus cat picture! x3


  Wish me luck on figuring this stuff out! 8D

Friday, October 4, 2013

Yay some Zatanna Zatara progress

I was finally able to start working on modifying this jacket that I bought to make my tailcoat jacket for my Zatanna Zatara! All that is left to do on this jacket is make the tails longer and pointy! x3

I simply just put on the jacket and quickly marked a small line where I wanted the front of the jacket to stop at. I then proceeded to take the jacket off, fixed my line, took out the buttons that were on the jacket and then cut through the fabric. I've just sewen up the ends and I'm still trying to figure out on how I'm going to make the tails longer. As soon as i figure it all out I'll update! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Woot! I'm back! I went to a gathering 2 weeks ago and here's a picture of me from the gathering, still need my bowtie and school patch and gotta be brave and cut the bangs xD I dressed up my niece as Fluttershy and my nephew as Darth Vader! :)

And just recently I've decided that I wanna cosplay from the new anime series: Attack on Titan! I've already chose to be Mikasa, Sasha and Christa! :D I remembered that I have this jacket that I could so totally use as a pattern to make my Scouting/Survey/Recon (which ever name you prefer xD ) Legion jacket! :D I can't wait! I'll be cosplaying as Mikasa first and I think Sasha will be second and then Christa all depends whether I buy Christa's wig first for dye my hair brown for Sasha.
Christa, Mikasa and Sasha

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eeeep! I know it has been FOREVER since I last wrote on here! I try to update as much as I can but I'm still not good at writing everything single day. :P Well anyways back to doing what I was doing! :D Here's what I got so far for my Kuranosuke jellyfish dress cosplay. I'm gonna work on the skirt part of it later today after I finish the top. But the skirt part and the poofyness is frighting! Eessh! Almost done with my niece's Halloween costume! Should be done soon!

 Oh by the way August 25th was International Cosplay day! I went out with friends to celebrate it!

I made my niece her Ariel cosplay! My nephew was Link in his blue tunic but he was like all over the place I couldn't get a picture of him xD

 Oh and my Kuranosuke wig came in the mail today you guys! Not long as I thought it would have been but it will do for the time being You like? You like?


 And my Kou (Gou) Matsuoka wig arrived yesterday! :D I’m soooo happy!!! 8D Here’s me practicing the many faces of Kou! xD Now to style it!


 Am I manager material now~?! xD

Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally got some fabric yesterday for my Halloween costume and for my niece as well! Also got fabric to make Kou's skirt that she wears in episode 3! :D

 Here's what I got so far for Kuranosuke's dress~! Thankfully I have extra fabric laying around to make this mock up! Gotta make it bigger since it's squeezing my bust haha

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ello peeps~! I'm back again after some absence! I have done some stuff while a way from updating, like: Starting on my oldest sister's pin up dress! I've only got the skirt part done since I don't have her full measurements due to her not living with me and she works 2 jobs.
We might make it shorter but we can deal with that later, after I make the top part that is! ^_^

 As for me I have made the first part of my Zatanna cosplay which is the vest! Now what I need to do next is modify it to look more like the one she wears in Young Justice! I'm sure it'll look better after I have it cut and add the buttons xD
 My 8 year old niece started making her very own dress! We're so proud of her! Hopefully she'll learn a lot faster so then she can help me with making our cosplays! :'D

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey peeps! Sorry it took me so long to post another post (haha) well anyways I've been kind of busy and haven't been able to use my sewing machine as much but here's what I have so far!:
 Here's what I have so far for my Kou (Gou) Matsuoka cosplay~! I still need to order my wig, change the buttons on the sweater, make the bowtie and then make the school patch for the jacket. I'm super excited to be cosplaying as her since she's been added to my top favorite female characters! x3 I hope to actually have some contacts to go along with this cosplay for when I attend the Free! gathering at Anime Los Angeles in January 2014!
Here I have my female version of Haruka Nanase! I borrowed my oldest sister's wig for this but I think it's a tad too short then how I wanted it but I don't want it to be really long. But for now this will do. And look what I found to go along with my cosplay! Haruka's "animal" is a dolphin and I'm super happy to have one with me! I'm thinking that for my Kou cosplay I will have all the boys "animals" with me. So I already have the dolphin and I have A TON of penguins to choose from since I have a collection of different kinds (haha!), I think I have shark toy with me and I'll have to look for a killer whale and a butterfly toy! x3

 On another note I've finally decided what I wanna cosplay as for Halloween! Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish! He's a character in the series who actually dresses up like a woman and he's hilarious! xD I wanna make all of his outfits but this is the one I wanna make for Halloween!:
 Well that's all I have for now, hope to post sometime soon with some more progress and updates of new things! :D

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gosh I swear! If they keep making more cute outfits for Kou I'm gonna end up being super broke! xD So many lovely outfits I wanna make to wear! :'3

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now that I have fabric in my hands I feel Free! Haha if my sisters had heard me say that they would have called me an idiot! xD But anywho, I finally have fabric to make my brown skirt! But my oldest sister also bought fabric so I can make her two dresses, a shirt, and a costume for both my niece and nephew for Halloween! O___O I was super close into getting fabric to work on Kou's outfit from ep. 4 and also to start workin on Beth from Bravest Warriors but not today.
Gonna get to sewing now~! :D

1st Post! WOW!

So I thought I'd trying having a cosplay blog up so then I can write down a lot more stuff with whatever cosplay I'm working on and hopefully maybe someday it'll help someone! (A girl can dream can't she?) :'D Any-who let's hope this goes well! :D