Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ello peeps~! I'm back again after some absence! I have done some stuff while a way from updating, like: Starting on my oldest sister's pin up dress! I've only got the skirt part done since I don't have her full measurements due to her not living with me and she works 2 jobs.
We might make it shorter but we can deal with that later, after I make the top part that is! ^_^

 As for me I have made the first part of my Zatanna cosplay which is the vest! Now what I need to do next is modify it to look more like the one she wears in Young Justice! I'm sure it'll look better after I have it cut and add the buttons xD
 My 8 year old niece started making her very own dress! We're so proud of her! Hopefully she'll learn a lot faster so then she can help me with making our cosplays! :'D

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