Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey peeps! Sorry it took me so long to post another post (haha) well anyways I've been kind of busy and haven't been able to use my sewing machine as much but here's what I have so far!:
 Here's what I have so far for my Kou (Gou) Matsuoka cosplay~! I still need to order my wig, change the buttons on the sweater, make the bowtie and then make the school patch for the jacket. I'm super excited to be cosplaying as her since she's been added to my top favorite female characters! x3 I hope to actually have some contacts to go along with this cosplay for when I attend the Free! gathering at Anime Los Angeles in January 2014!
Here I have my female version of Haruka Nanase! I borrowed my oldest sister's wig for this but I think it's a tad too short then how I wanted it but I don't want it to be really long. But for now this will do. And look what I found to go along with my cosplay! Haruka's "animal" is a dolphin and I'm super happy to have one with me! I'm thinking that for my Kou cosplay I will have all the boys "animals" with me. So I already have the dolphin and I have A TON of penguins to choose from since I have a collection of different kinds (haha!), I think I have shark toy with me and I'll have to look for a killer whale and a butterfly toy! x3

 On another note I've finally decided what I wanna cosplay as for Halloween! Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish! He's a character in the series who actually dresses up like a woman and he's hilarious! xD I wanna make all of his outfits but this is the one I wanna make for Halloween!:
 Well that's all I have for now, hope to post sometime soon with some more progress and updates of new things! :D

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