Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Woot! I'm back! I went to a gathering 2 weeks ago and here's a picture of me from the gathering, still need my bowtie and school patch and gotta be brave and cut the bangs xD I dressed up my niece as Fluttershy and my nephew as Darth Vader! :)

And just recently I've decided that I wanna cosplay from the new anime series: Attack on Titan! I've already chose to be Mikasa, Sasha and Christa! :D I remembered that I have this jacket that I could so totally use as a pattern to make my Scouting/Survey/Recon (which ever name you prefer xD ) Legion jacket! :D I can't wait! I'll be cosplaying as Mikasa first and I think Sasha will be second and then Christa all depends whether I buy Christa's wig first for dye my hair brown for Sasha.
Christa, Mikasa and Sasha

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